Free Verse # 336 (she wore his love)

Like a sleepless night
I stretch along your shore,
my moonlight curving
along your seabed
raises your waters
into a citadel of fire.


Here I stand
without a shadow to cast
into the fading light of dusk,
my poem a rose
wilted from waiting.


inside my ribs
cold hands
lulling out a star.


The day’s first cup of tea…
this vaporous breath I send,
a shawl wrapped around your body.


She wore his love
like a veil
unseen yet glowing,
transfiguring the world;
those who saw it
failed to understand.


Soaked in mist…
her skin a sea
of aching flowers


White night…
the moon in her flesh
a stream of fire


His touch in her skin,
a flame without a hush


Perfume is the flower’s victory; silence, poetry’s.

One thought on “Free Verse # 336 (she wore his love)

  1. Beautifully put into words! painfully sweet, definitely worth the time reading. I have written a few poems about love. I hope you read them and tell me what you think. My native language is not English but I aim to be better at writing in English.


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