A Drowning Man’s Call

In those shadowy streets
where no one wanders
what is it you’re looking for?
All the birds have fled
and the bare branches
of the silent rain
alone remain shivering
against the body of the sky.

All the birds have fled
and the falling leaves
have steeped
in puddles of dark water
a velvety tea
of bitterness and sorrow
now staining your lips
and merging with your blood.

In those shadowy streets
where no one wanders
alone you remain,
the icy wind licking your body
with the eagerness of a lover
for his beloved’s embrace,
and when dawn breaks
the sun rises dark
bringing no relief,
no fragrance of the lover
promised to your heart.

‘What is it you’re looking for?’
resounds like a tidal wave
washing over the sky,
her face of ash and flickering flames
dripping blood
into the last beating veins,
fiery remnants of what could’ve been
the hand of poetry once squeezed
from a heart of boundless passion,
now a wilting fruit hanging
from a bare branch in the sky.

The wind howls like a prairie dog
searching for its master
and the waning voice recollects
a sea of memories
on the shore of forgetfulness.
Another howling burst comes
and the ashen leaves scatter
as you remain alone,
in your hand
a puddle of vanquished tears,
your face a tired smile
that no one knows anymore.


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