Free Verse # 339 (totality of being)

In the sun’s aura
all the thin branches
lay hidden, engulfed;
the world is eclipsed
in the eminence of your glow,
the effulgence of your light.


His touch carves
an ocean out of her,
waters imbued
with the salinity of his tears,
his pull and push rhyming
her ebb and flow.


Her hair
in the early morning,
the incense
of myrrh and sandalwood
in quivering wavelets
coming over me,
coaxing into her
all my poetry.


I wait for you,
in each nocturnal breeze
a flower seeking
the warm breath of dawn.


Poetry –
whatever sips
from the fountain of your face,
saouled, awakened,
released into grace.


Finish me off
so that nothing is left
of this existence
but the ocean of your face


She kissed me like a serpent
bites into her prey,
her venom in my veins
a fever boiling,
fire from my pores spewing
the blood of poetry.


It rains and I
in the midst of the fields stand,
a homeless man searching
for the house of your skin,
the blanket of your hair.


Photographer & artist unknown

I see her
and fill with ache,
burn to merge with her
in a totality of being
that leaves no space
between our bodies.

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