Emel Mathlouthi – Dfina آمال مثلوثي ـ دفينة

Letter, January 31, 2016

Your breath emanates my poem — given what poetry is to me, do you realize the depth of that image? Oh, how your breath lives in me! But, to me, poetry is so much more than this beat pulsing in my heart; poetry is the very substance of life, the interiority of it weaving its forms and outer shells. Poetry is the essence — and you, the essence of that essence. I am dizzy feeling this intuition, contemplating it, allowing it to take and overtake me. But deeper than the intoxication with which it floods my veins this intuition and image fills me with clarity as a dawn like calmness submerges and raises me to a sky hitherto unknown. I live at the root from which the world and existence draw substance and life, from and into which everything flows and perishes and is reborn. Your breath, Beloved, emanates my poem, and doing so it annihilates me into you. What now remains of me? I do not know for you have filled me. I am now your overflow, the sheer beauty of your face spilling grace and emanating the world.

Free Verse # 345 (ciel infini, nid intime)

Ses cheveux de colombe
lisses comme la nuit
coulaient en fleuves
au fond de mon cœur
joignant par leurs flots
le ciel infini, le nid intime
au centre de ma demeure.


The stormwind blew
like a wailing beast
and the lone house
out on the open plain
trembled down to the roots
tying it to the womb of the earth


Touchant la serrure
au milieu de son ventre
avec un rayon de lune,
pétales par pétales
déployant son corps,
fleur d’ombres blancs
flambant un monde secret
au centre de l’énigme.


Son cœur était un coffret
qui donnait comme un puit
au fond de la terre