Free Verse # 341 (the candle of her eyes)

I am a fool for her belly
where all the flowers of the world
burn like stars
and exhale their colours
in flames of fragrant light


I want to bend her,
a bow aching to shoot
poetry’s hot arrow
into the throbbing core of love.


My heart
is a dark corner
lit by the candle
of her eyes


By a waterless river
I am a willow tree,
my silent tears
course the dry riverbed
and in endless roots
stream up her spine
and claim her, free.


On her lips
my poem takes form,
a flower at dawn
the silence of the sky.


I think of you as the flower which breath is poetry.


Last hour,
when the music
is the stillness
of two hearts in love,
in unison beating
to the ultimate mystery.


I yearn to merge with her
as the shadows of twilight
melt into dark rivers
and flood into the sea of night


Darkness comes
and I turn to you
like a bird always knows
from where the wind blows


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