Free Verse # 344 (love happens)

Love happens
with no beginning or end,
a full circle
wider than the sky,
the heart of being
in each moment gushing
deeper than eternity.


the sad birdsongs
of autumn,
the hush
of winter snows
is all I hear.


In the palm of snow
my heart is a red rose
throbbing with desire


The silk of poetry
I offered,
in her dark hair
a flower,
full moon in its sky.


Lost in the dark…
in the billowing night
her voice a lone star


In the darkness
my fingers draw her face,
house of solitude and fog
and lone stars
in her cheeks weaving
the nest of poetry.


Over the abyss of night
my voice travels to you,
a chariot of stars
scattering my heartbeats
in trails of burning dust.

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