Free Verse # 349 (poetry from her breasts I imbibed)

the winds come,
against my mouth laying
the shiver of your name,
a well of stars
its rivers my veins.


from her breasts
I imbibed
and under my skin
the white rivers
beyond time and memory.


When a little coffee
on the book spills
and amid the pages blooms,
a brown flower
harvesting a moment,
a transient breath
become a memory.


By the timeless shore I wait
for the ghost of your ship
on the far horizon,
for the poem
that is my birthright
to come tangled in your hair,
breathing in your skin.


All the ripples
in my heart,
when you touch me
I swell
larger than life.


Burning past the ache
of a thousand hot knives
dancing in my veins,
your tears, o poetry,
rounding up the wells
deep in my heart.


Everywhere I look
humans aching
for a drop of belonging


I touched her simply
like the butterfly strokes
the tender flower,
like the silence whispers


With poetry for eyes
he looked at her,
and like a verse of stars
she unfurled herself
in the waters of his heart.


On the table of the night
a candle gently sobs,
with each sigh drawing
your face in tender light.

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