Living With Faith

Even in old age,
Even when you know
You’re dying,
Live as if tomorrow
Belongs to you
And is yours to live
To the fullest,
Live with that faith
For tomorrow
Lovers will still love
And you will be there
In their belonging,
Birds will keep singing
And you will be their song of praise,
Children will still laugh
And you will dwell
In their innocent play,
For life does not abandon you
Even as she draws
Her last breath from you
And pulls you down
From the stage.

Wandering Thought # 29

Make no mistake about it, if you want to give your ear to a poet then be certain that he will be instructing you in the art of theft! The art of wanting to take pleasure in what is not your own. He will fill you up with a craving so intense you’d want to possess and claim the thing desired as part of your growing and expanding self. He will make a gentle conqueror out of you, and, sometimes, not a very gentle one.

Free Verse # 355 (love’s sacred name)

My heart
A quiet house
Of dust and stars
And a candle drawing
Your face in the dark.


You come to me,
A poem
Wearing your fragrance
For a skirt;
I pen you
And the skirt disappears
Leaving me drenched
In your naked embrace,
The open presence of poetry.


For a gift
She gave me a feather
Plucked from her ribs
And with dawn for ink
Bid me to write
Her skin into a poem
Eternally breathing
Love’s sacred name.


With the salve of her lips
I balm my wounds;
With spring they flower,
Crimson poetry.


I sleep,
Your dark hair
A river
Flowing over my face,
A blanket of dark water
Healing my tired soul.