I dreamed of a girl

I dreamed of a girl
Whose fingertips are stained
With the ink of poetry,
Whose eyes are cast
Like a wolf’s
Into philosophy’s lair,
And who braids her hair
With the silk of the stars.

And now
As the ship of my life
Reaches its middle sea
I see you standing
Clear before me,
Woman of my dreams,
All the waves of my life
Rolling out to meet you
And unfurling like carpets
Of stars and poetry
Before the onrush
Of your gentle feet.

Now I touch you
And feel in my chest
The ebb and flow
Of your presence,
And bind my life to you
In a solemn promise,
A promise that was never
Written or spoken
But that flowered in silence
Between the oceans of our souls.

I bind my life to you
As though you are here,
Because you always were,
You who taught me
How to see and believe
And above myself rise
In visions of poetry
And into philosophy
As a way of life.

For that I kiss you
And pledge my blood
In its pure fervency.

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