Free Verse # 353 (this life of poetry)

On the pathways of the world
I lose myself, I find myself,
Always spinning inside of you.


At dawn
Your breath strokes my cheek,
And I wake to walk another day
In the beauty of your light,
This life of poetry.


Your fragrance
Each morning,
How a flower
Soaked in night’s dew
Aches for the honeyed touch
Of the radiant sun.


In the honeycomb of dawn
Our gentle togetherness
A flute weeping silently,
Skin against skin fermenting
A fervent honey
In the open blue mouth,
Filling it to overflow
As the outpour
Showers the earth,
The light of a new day.


We met
At the burning seam
Where poetry meets reality
But then the seam disappeared
And there was only poetry.


With each inked verse
I bed you,
Poems flowering
In the linings of your skin,
A language undulating erotic
As it binds us,


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