Free Verse # 354 (poem of moss and honey)

Into the soft pillow
Of your waters
The sun sets
Leaving the sky to drown
In the dark waves
Of your hair.


I melted into her
Deeper than a cloud
Dissolving in the sky.


Bird at dawn
Sipping from the wells
Resting in her breasts.


Feathers igniting
At the edge of dawn…
Bird tracing her breasts.


The silk of her thighs
A poem of moss and honey
And words seared
With the tears of his heart.


Photographer unknown

The poet
Is a silent assassin
Wielding her skin,
A blade of words
In a sea of fire.


Midnight harvest,
Through your navel pressing
The last of the stars
Then cradling you into me,
A starry sea gently rocking,
Engulfing me whole.

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