Free Verse # 358 (blooming with promise)

في العشية
أشعل قليلا
من بخور قصائدي
في الغيمة العطرة
أتلمس تكاوين وجهك
باكيا عمرا مضى
وعمرا يمضي


Softly along the edges
then deeper into her core
she cracked and broke
as he held her into him
blooming with the promise
of the sun in her womb


Searching for you
I lost my way,
but a wave
cut from the ocean
is all froth and ache
and a poem
from door to door
setting the world aflame.


These scribbles of ink
are the traces and crumbs
of a heart straining
to live in your presence —
and all my poem does
is ache for your touch.


her blond hair
from the blue eves
falling in rivers,
a kiss of honey
firing the world,
a poem singing a glory
hallowed by grace.

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