Wandering Thought # 34

If there is anything that characterises modern art it is its lack of concentration. Modern artists handle their art no longer as a way to worship and to know and to love their beloved — for this they no longer have the strength of spirit — but as a way to scatter themselves; ultimately, they hunger after their art like an addict after his fix.

7 thoughts on “Wandering Thought # 34

  1. I am finding my way to worship more deeply every day. I, too, believe that is the richness of our art and words.

    Sending much love and light your way, poet friend.


    1. Finding our way precisely means being taught by those things that wound us, numb us, and plunge us into the dark. And yet we emerge ever thankful, filled with blessings precisely for them, grasping their necessity, how they, too, are guides from the “beyond.” We are lovers, from the ground up, from the heart out, and we understand and try to embody Rumi’s metaphor of the thorn and the rose.

      Your words have been missed. Hope all is well in your world, Allison.

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      1. You have just so elegantly and achingly described my journey over the past month (and it continues) – I find your words to be a beautiful meditation and reflection. Into the dark, we take our love there, too, that we may be taught, destroyed & resurrected, over and over, ever more deeply.

        Thank you, sweet friend. I am well and am very glad to be back into the WordPress daily round.

        Always a pleasure to visit with you. Pierre. So grateful.


        1. Into the dark we go,
          in the sacred house of darkness
          totally submerged
          totally muted
          we pray
          ‘Oh darkness, whole and holy,
          with your dark liquid
          fill our bones,
          bless us as your altar
          and upon the stone of our ribs
          break your sacred stone,
          burn us into you
          oh holy mother,
          ever so cruel,
          ever so merciful,
          and through the grace
          of your unfathomable womb
          again kiss life into our souls,
          hold up to us your mirror
          of dark water
          and let us drown in the revelation
          of the fire of which we are born,
          the fire that is the face of our face,
          our womb, our core.
          We depart now, holy mother,
          but only with the promise of return,
          for as the day emerges out of night
          only to return again
          so we shall come back to you
          and bless you
          for your darkness and your pain,
          bless you for birthing us
          again and again
          and countless times unto eternity,
          each time as embodiments
          imperfectly perfect
          pulsating with the energy of love.’

          I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of David Whyte. If you like you can check his interview below which is pertinent on the subject.


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          1. Oh Pierre, I am ecstatic over this! Truly I tell you that I have been meditating on this for weeks and asking for guidance in the dark, knowing the darkness in her feminine pain has come to me to teach me, to heal me, to help me connect with something global, universal, something so much deeper.

            You cannot imagine my gratitude for your sharing this. Thank you, dear soul. I had heard of David Whyte but never read any of his works, etc. Bless you. Thank you.


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