Free Verse # 364 (to infinity)

Embracing all night
at dawn we rose
and left the bed unmade,
a disheveled poem
trembling with fire,
a cup into the mouth of day
with dew and stars.


I wanted to tell you
I wanted to touch you
but I didn’t know how,
so I fumbled and wrote you


Dark eyed woman
barefoot travel back
through the fields of my past,
with each footstep blossom
a forgotten memory.


You whom I was born
to touch and touch
until life became nothing more
than earth and dust


The river moves on
and I alone stay,
a star lulled to silence
on the breast of the night.


Tongue against tongue
in erotica conversing,
the fragrance of our lust nailing us
to the burning cross of the night.


Come, lover,
with the sway of your hips
show me the power of your sea;
dare me to become the ship
sailing your waters to infinity.

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