Free Verse # 365 (each dawn at my window)

I want to be for you
what dawn is to the sky


Each dawn at my window
the love I’ve never known
the face I’ve never seen


I drank her lips like an elixir,
like a flower drinks the light of dawn.


Her body
is a sea of flowers
and of the nectar I gather
I give you this poetry


From your bank to your bank
my life is nothing but a pilgrimage
from you to you


Summer dawn,
your fragrance down my neck
streams in hot beads,
through the thin mist a birdsong
breaks the red sky.


Ryuu Rui
Art by Ryuu Rui

You the poem
I the poetry,
my blood in your skin
a transparent calligraphy,
the spread wings of birds
combining the sky.

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