Free Verse # 371 (she is the morning star)

trying to describe you
stumbles and falls
into a pond of wine
and stays there, drunk,
until you smile
and again lift the blanket
and dawn.


Your kiss loosens my throat
and I sing like a bird
for the first time discovering
the sky at dawn;
your hand in mine
and my hips thaw
whirling into a dance
in the heart of the sun.


When the sun sets,
does it rise somewhere else ?
When my eyes close,
do they boom in your heart?
When my tears fall,
does the rose of your cheeks
shake in its dew?


I write poems to remember
the touch of your fingers
the color of your smile
when time was yet unborn
and you and I were one


What is it I want?
To touch you everywhere,
Everywhere at once.


All the silence in me
cannot touch her;
she is the morning star.


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