Free Verse # 373 (the street and its people)

My whole life is a letter for you written in a language only love can understand.


By the candlelight
I loved to read her poems
and gaze, every now and then,
into her eyes,
at the way the flame flickered
and danced upon
the page of her face,
the poem of my life.


With the patience
of the river
dissolving rocks
and carrying them to the sea
my touch will have her skin
dissolved in poetry.


Photographer unknown

Her warming flow of wine
in the early morning chill,
the areolas of her breasts
flowering starlike
amid my thirsty lips.


Return to me,
I am all windows
silently waiting,
my soul
at each windowsill
a poem burning,
into the night calling,
calling you home.


The deeper blue
of the autumn sea,
the silent dawns
calmer still,
the earth
caressed by the rain
smells of your skin.


Photographer unknown

The street and its people
fell away from them,
a world warped by their gravity,
the magnetism of their kiss,
their deep immersion
in the moment’s poetry.


The garden tree,
how does it know
when summer turns to autumn,
winter to spring?
In the same way,
this knowledge of you
seeps under my skin,
moves in my soul.


Take me by the hand
and lead me down
to the willow by the river
where my dreams since childhood
flowed with the water
and dissolved in her sea.


You who lives in the heart of me,
you are the crossroad of everything,
the beginning and end of everything.


She wears glasses
too big for her face,
and smiles as though
the world is too small to fit
behind her small dark eyes.


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