Free Verse # 374 (alone in my fortress)

Alone in my fortress
of tea and poetry,
a trail disappearing
amid worded trees,
lost inside the pages
of books and memory.


She is there for a moment,
a verse of poetry,
a wandering firefly
vanishing in the moon.
She is there for a moment
but then she disappears,
the moon remains
and the heart wonders.


Bravely she carried her heart
like an altar burning with strange fires
where only the purest poetry
can be given for a sacrifice.


Silent long enough
the word will speak,
poetry will come.


Artist unknown

Autumn’s red leaf…
his seed in her
a nimbus moon


Old streets of Batroun, October 2016. My photo.

Wandering old streets…
the footsteps of those long gone
falling like dew.


Batroun, The Phoenician Wall, October 2016. My photo.

The sun has set,
through the waves of the night
I sift
searching for a curl
of your voice
to tuck against my heart,
a spark from your eyes
to light a candle
in the darkness of my soul.


I live off the solitude
of poetry,
a hermit
wandering the hillsides
collecting simple flowers
to plant in her hair.


Her navel, the birthplace of the moon.


This night
poses her hands
on my shoulders
like a forgotten lover
who wants the world to burn
with desire for her kiss,
so I burn and kiss her
with the lips of poetry.

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