Free Verse # 376 (we are poetry)

Le poème en elle
achève son corps ;
la poésie
dans ses yeux
plante ses feux,
fontaine qui arrose
terre et cieux.


Her breasts…
a spring of flowers
blooming in my mouth


With silver moonlight
I braid her hair,
kiss her freckles
to burning stars;
with the jasmine’s breath
I balm her neck,
rouse the dawn
in her eyes;
with autumn’s sun
I water her silence,
ripen the last figs
on her lips;
with dawn’s light
I rub her eyelids
clear blue as the water
of infinite skies.


On the evening wind
your voice
calls out to me,
breath of tea,
breath of jasmine,
a simple intimacy
open like the moon.


On the bank we sit
whispering secrets
to each other
and watching
the river flow,
soon, soon,
the river becomes we
and our froth
the world’s poetry,
soon, soon,
into each other
we merge and melt
and when someone asks
Who am I?
Who are you?
We look in each other’s eyes
and smile
as our silence whispers,
We, we are simple,
We are the moon’s white heartbeat,
We are poetry.


I rinse my face
with the water
of your fragrance;
I fill my heart
with the cup
of your silence.


Each month
when the moon disappears
for a day or two
know it is sailing
the sea of her hair
down to its dark roots,
know that as she sighs
it will rise again,
rebirthed from her womb.

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