Free Verse # 380 (the dance of change)

One breath of her silence
was enough to turn me away
from a world of vanity and pleasure;
with my first breath of life
I chose her, I chose her love.


The dance of change,
summer to autumn rain,
and the day my body
will be earth once again.


Restless at dawn,
my churning heart
washing all the stars
in puddles at your feet.


I wake at dawn
and write to you
hoping that you will read,
hoping that you will read and sigh.


I feel you under my skin
glowing in the dark,
a river of light tearing
my heart into a shout,
a poem filled with meaning,
a voice filled with love.


There is a crack in the world
and your voice
leaking through
is now everywhere;
in every sound,
in every silence,
I hear you sigh and whisper,
I hear you call.


Your kiss
like a meteor
explodes into my skin
and in the aftermath
I am fire and ash
and a poem melting
through your fervent hills

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