Wandering Thought # 42

The power play in sex is one of the most difficult things I had to come to term with. This being said, to make a fetish of the power play, to make it the focal point of the relationship is to miss out on the spiritually interpenetrating aspects that truly form the throbbing core of why two people are together, and what makes them expand and grow together into that which is held above them. The power play is a form of expression, this character or that being suited to this spectrum or that, this essence or that. On its own it does not supersede or form the essence and budding center of the connectivity.


2 thoughts on “Wandering Thought # 42

  1. So elegantly expressed, dear friend. Such an intimate form of expression, the many forms of “power” the many interchangeable “roles” . . . and yet if not met with respect and tenderness for what these forms of expression are revealing, the untouchable grace of dignified connection, the infinite dance, the beauty at the very core of giving and receiving, all true power is lost. Fulfillment can only truly come from “that which is held above them.” How illuminating the way you develop this.

    Always, always your work penetrates, Pierre. Stay blessed.


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