Free Verse # 386 (my love for you is a faithful dog)

This life
rich in small moments,
a cup of strong tea,
how the jasmine
under the moon smells,
towards the end of winter
the sun on my face,
a lock of your hair
on your bare back,


Your name
under my pillow,
a heart beating
all through the night,
each pulse a star
in my dreams quivering
with hope, with light.


In your presence
yesteryear’s dry branch
suddenly blooms,
water itself
burns with thirst,
and the flowers
without need for bees
spill pure honey.


This place
where I live…
an autumn field
in the dark rain
of your hair.


The moon
shines on and on
as though this night
can last forever,
you and me
a fleeting shadow
into the dawn
of flowers.


The one poem we wrote
still shaking
the flowering branch
at the edge of dawn,
its fragrance
covering the earth
with a soft rain
of burning dew,
the insignia
of our breath.


My poems…
fireflies eclipsed
in the moon of her face


I pretend
to live my life
but in truth
I have been
in a train station
waiting for so long,
gazing into
the passing faces
searching for you.


I am a house
by the candle
of her absence,
all night all day
it burns,
and in my windows
its light aches.


My love for you
is a faithful dog
that will not leave me,
all day all night
it barks in my heart,
its racket
sometimes comes out
as poetry…

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