Free Verse # 389 (old year, new year)

For the new year,
in each poem
I’ll rehearse your name
ever more faithfully,
in each breath
deepen in your silence,
the mainstream of your heart.


Touched by your light
the moon and morning star
shy away in silence;
the whole celestial sphere
a dervish burning
in the poem of your skin.


New year’s morn…
your breath on my lips
a rain of dew burning
with the liquid light of love


Wine and poetry
for new year’s eve,
her voice in my chest
a river of fire and ice,
her hand in my mind
with ruthless grace seeding
all the coming suns.


Old year, new year,
in the glow of your sun
it all rises, it all sets.


What is longing? –
her lips below audible
sighed in the wind,
as her heart
before her leapt
and went spanning
the endless distances,
through the grass
gliding silently
and shuddering, burning,
following a thread
weaved with fingers
older than time.

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