Free Verse # 392 (the heart of the rising sun)

Full moon tonight…
in the blowing breeze
my words scatter,
fragrant petals
falling to her feet.


Silently we slipped away,
two foxes wearing for skin
the gold of poetry,
and in the blue of dawn
love was a field opening
to the heart of the rising sun.


my breath and yours
over the silent fields,
a quiet prayer
from amid our joined ribs
to greet the rising sun.


My poetry draws you
in lines of everlasting beauty
in the deeps of my mind;
one day I will vanish
and you will shine on.


Starbreath at dawn…
I go to you clad in the wings
of a thousand kisses,
all vying like poems
to drink from your mouth.


Starbreath at dawn…
on your pillow my poem
holding vigil


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