Free Verse # 393 (her poem had a bee sting)

Between us time leaps
in long lapses,
the words we write now
we exchanged in kisses
a thousand years ago,
our fingertips
now touching unlock
the house of eternity.


Her poem had a bee sting
wrapped in its tail;
finishing it I could feel
my tongue and lips swell,
and could read nothing else
for days, for days.


Girl with a sword,
girl with a pen,
girl whose fragrance
is a sword and a pen,
and O the ink!
O the blood!
girl blazing
an innocent smile.


A thousand years old poem;
my heart a leaf trembling
as the wind blows
from the abyss of the past,
how fresh the wound,
how poignant the red fragrance
of the gleaming rose.


My aloneness,
the heaviness of my heart,
a wisp of smoke vanishing
in the fragrance of our touch.


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