Free Verse # 395 (my hidden journey with you)

Poetry, a voice
far away calling me,
into the solitude
of mist and stone…


Flowering Solitude at Virgin Hazmieh, February 2017

Locked in exile
until a word comes from you;
word after word I chronicle
my exile and imprisonment,
my hidden journey with you.


Let my poem be a touch
burning against your heart,
unraveling like a prayer
that sings my undoing.


I am lost
until I hear your voice
murmuring in the silence
under the world’s noise,
your breath then flames
like a gentle summer wind
and in my heart there is poetry.


in the light of her face
the world begins again


At dawn
the rain of your heartbeats
splashing on my pillow,
your light in waves
washing my life, my face.


His breath brushed her lips
and the words that lingered
all her life under her skin
burst into color
and flowed to strum
the shores of infinity.

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