Free Verse # 397 (surrendering my breath)

They made love,
two primal creatures
flung out
from the sea of poetry,
and in the froth of their lovemaking
the sea rose and again
drowned them
in the ripple of eternity.


Surrendering my breath
my soul will drift
like fog in the sky,
at dawn and dusk
lacing the earth
with the dew of your name,
the freshness of your touch.


You are the presence
inside the poem
drawing me deeper
into the place
where words vanish
and all that remains
is your mystery


Always at dawn
your bird at my window
and my heart swelling
with the white of your song


My life
a book of longing
burning in the fire
of your calligraphy,
the strokes of your pen
a surf of waves constantly
rolling in my chest.


In the poem
I listened to you
and your voice
was the sea of presence
submerging my life,
animating my soul.

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