Free Verse # 398 (axis mundi)

His roving hands
an ocean sinking
to the deeps of her skin,
shaking from her womb
the stars of the night,
the poets’ dreams.


I saw you
before my eyes could see;
and now when I write
I follow in the trail
of that sacred knowing,
that ancient memory.


The syllables
of every written poem…
crimson sighs melting
in the light of your eyes


Axis mundi…
the ray of light
turning in her eyes


What is the poem?
Something that teaches the man
how to touch the woman;
something that teaches the woman
how to respond
from the ocean of her heart.
What is the poem?
It is the space
between the man and woman
where their longings merge
to annihilate past and future
on the altar of the present,
where their beings incubate
the desire to rise
beyond themselves
and in their hearts embody
the expanse of their sky.


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