Free Verse # 402 (tangled in the poem)

His poetry made her thaw,
now she flows
with the wildness of a river
in the ocean of his arms,
the radiance of her love soaking
all the corners of his life.


Through the folds of dawn
her silence comes,
a dream, a memory.


Let night between us be
A moving sea of poetry


His love
a wave swelling inside of her,
rushing through her limbs,
flowing, flowering,
laying her open
at the center of his altar,
a seething flame.


Whatever the inspiration
the poem is always her,
a star-seed in the sea
of her poetry.


Photographer unknown

Cocooned in his love,
the flame of the goddess
ablaze in her body,
her skin against his shore
shuddering with the fire
of a thousand thousand waves.


Tangled in the poem as in my lover’s hair.


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