Free Verse # 403 (the fervency of my longing)

His poetry
veiled her eyes
and poured into her heart,
back arched and hurled deep
into the sky of orgasm
he fired the chakra of her belly,
the sun of life.

Radiance embodied
she then moved,
forming and transforming
everything around her,
a world reshaped
in the image of love.


Amid the folds
of her skin
his rough beard
as his lips,
move in circles
grazing her flower
and melting her
into a seething moan
bursting with the ink
of his poetry.


I want to kiss you
as on the first day
when spring flowered
in the bosom of life,
when birds learned to sing.


I am a cloud roaming
the meadows of your silence.


My poem…
the light of a candle
slowly gathering
in the silence of her heart.


If I cannot cry
let these words be my tears
pooling in your cup
the fervency of my longing


When I am down
I breathe in and out
as deeply and widely as I can,
centering myself
in the clarity of her light,
the intuition of eternity.


Even when old I wish to die in the youth of poetry.

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