Free Verse # 405 (captive of her silence)

With my fingers in her hair
gnawing like roots
we sat inside a longing
crushed by the weight
of an eternity of waiting


He felt the thunder
roaring in her silence,
rocking against the shore,
and there he sat,
her tide taking away
his baggage,
washing away his memories.


My song is a captive of her silence, the radiance of her heart.


When I write
I feel it,
the press of her lips
slowly inching,
succulent on my fingertips,
trembling as they sip
the ink from my heart.


The sigh of the flowers
at dawn,
their fragrant breaths
a cloud burning
with an ache
to soak into the fullness
of her lips.


4 thoughts on “Free Verse # 405 (captive of her silence)

  1. Yeah very philosophica. I can’t help it but I like it. The painting is abstract. Which I like also


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