Free Verse # 407 (better than poetry)

Love came bearing
the gift of the moment,
the gaze of eternity
burning in her eyes.


In the timber of her voice
a candle burned,
its flickering light painting
the face of the night.


I am waiting for you
on the edge of the night,
my heart a candle stirred
by the silence of its light.


The words I write,
wisps of fire etched
into her fragrant breath
as it escapes her lips,
wisps of fire etching
the fragrance of her breath
into the moving skin of the world.


A brook running
amid her curves,
the waves of the sea
lapping her white shores,
I could touch her for all my life
and it will never be enough.


Better than poetry
we shared the silence
the sky makes at dawn,
and our hearts were filled
with a single prayer falling
from the radiant face of God.


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