Free Verse # 411 (mon poème et mon cœur)

If I touched you with my heart, would you be the poem I’ve been aching to write? – the poem that exhausts my life in a sea of mystery?


He touched her and her heart, weeping, was a violin that finally found its soul.


My poem and my heart are coextensive: the woman who touches one touches the other.


Mon poème et mon cœur sont coextensives: la femme qui touche l’un touchera l’autre.


We are all in the end unfinished stories.


Un jour, même après ma mort, un papillon anonyme trouvera la fleur secrète qui brule dans mon corps.


آخر الطرقات بين
قلبي وقلبها
وردة حمراء تذوي
وورقة خريف
هائمة في الريح


Photographer unknown

Clothed by his poem,
every word etched
with the ink of a fire
that burned for ages
on the altar of his heart.


Caressant sa peau
avec mon poème
la fleur entre ses jambes
s’en est ouverte
comme une coquille qui m’offrait
l’infini de la mer

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