Free Verse # 412 (the difficult art)

I go on loving you
past the total closure
of the heart,
for you are in me
as a ray of light in the flower
when it is still a seed
buried in the earth.


My poems go
where reason cannot follow,
entering that silence
where her breath lives,
dissolving in her light
the longing in my soul.


the candle as it burned
sighed this secret
into my heart


Dusk descends…
my heart a pebble
hurled by rivers
coursing amid the stars


ground me in the silence
of your heart,
teach me the difficult art
of opening again and again,
the grace of being a rose
in your garden of dawn.


No poem will ever capture the beauty of this moment, yet this moment is beauty steeped in poetry.


My heart
a cemetery of unheard sighs
and love whispers
lost in the wind


I exist in two places at once — in the poem, and in the silence of your heart.

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