Free Verse # 414 (listening intently)

One day
at the rising of the dawn
I will listen to the prayer
God planted in my heart
before I was born


Full of my own self
I await your touch
to break me open
into a more, a beyond,
an uncontainable fountain
of overflowing love,
a hymn flowing
into the depth of the sky.


Besieged by the luminous hover
of the cloud of loneliness,
I long to know the warmth
of one human heart,
to feel its presence
breathing in my life.


An old man
in a young man’s body
watching life painting
with the brush of death.


My heart is a wounded place
that wounded birds seek
to pass through its fissures
and die into the sky


In the light of dawn
your voice comes
on wings of light
on wings of memory
and your breath
weaves the stillness
into a crown of poetry


Listening intently to the music interweaving the waters of their souls.

Lovers Listening
Unknown Artist, Somewhere in France

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