Haiku # 541

à toucher ton visage je deviens
l’haleine des étoiles


Mon cœur
abime sans borne
où meurent les étoiles


Entre nos lèvres
le pacte invisible
des étoiles de nuit


This poetry that I write, addressed to no one.

By the autumn road
waiting for no one
I listen to the wind


Ode to Life

In the dawn it was easy to look at her and say
That she looked beautiful like a tender array
Of moss and dew fallen from the light
Of poetry and milk churned to a white

But night came and always the gaze in her eyes
Glared with a fearful heave of burning sighs
That easily consumed eons of time
Scattering their ashes in the sky’s soundless chime

The light and the dark in her can foretell
The eternal circle and the binding spell
Of a world spinning in harmony and strife
In the breast of her whose name is Life