Free Verse # 426 (where everything is turning)

Her kiss on my wrist
I felt it melting
a river reaching down
to the bed of my childhood
then rising back up
through my past
through my spine
carrying me into the soft glow
of a flower in the sun


When we were children
we watched the bubble
and wondered
how high it would go
before it pops…
seeing your face
my heart swelled
but failed to lift off the ground
– it popped instantly!


Like the inside of a wave
where everything is turning –
my mind when I think of you


He loved her light; she craved his soul.


To her words and silence, to the motion of her being, the energy of her light – I listen and respond from the center of my heart.


This longing
has left me bare,
a field grazed
by a thirsty fire
now holding out
a single flower
like a prayer
to your moon.


I felt like her face
brushing against mine
could make the whole world
though I woke up
and it was just a dream
I sensed a faint burning
in the night air.


I hold you in my heart
the way the sky at dawn
keeps the echo
of the first birdsong


I am waiting for you on the curve of the great unknown that we could meet and together vanish inside the great mystery.


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