5 thoughts on “Wandering Thought # 74

    1. I always thought that I understood myself and my own psychological working, and yet lately I’m becoming more and more aware of how much I repress and avoid my feelings. For example, a feeling of distress or depression rises in me, and I instantly avoid it by becoming busy with something else, I deflect it. More and more I am finding how much we excel at this, and it is so difficult for us to notice ourselves doing it because we grew up doing it, and it has become something so normal and habitual that we don’t notice ourselves doing it. Truth is, we are alienated from our feelings. We tend to think ourselves more intelligent than our feelings. But, doing this, we end up not living to our full potential.

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  1. So much yes to what you express here, Pierre… both in the post and in your comment. I’m still discovering how I can suppress my feelings. Oiy. It never benefits me.


    1. It seems that our true feelings become suppressed at stages in our lives where we are vulnerable and are forced to adopt cooping mechanisms to survive with the situation. Being at the foundation of our character and who we are, it becomes very hard to become aware of those cooping mechanisms later on in life, because they put our entire reality and how we handle the world in question. Yet that is the single most important thing to do if we hope to live fulfilling lives.

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