Free Verse # 433 (this moment is but a dream, vanishing)

In my love for you
the profanity of my spirit
once more
touched the hem
of God’s soul


This moment
is but a dream,
in the mirror
of its smoke
I behold your face,
ever dancing in the wind,
ever warm with grace.


Smoke and mirrors,
in this world
I only care to polish
the image of your face.


You wander through me
unchanged for eternities
like the ray of light
that shined from God’s heart
on the dawn
of the very first day


The music of your voice
comes back at dawn;
like a dewdrop on the leaf
I sit down and listen.


Having her here
sleeping next to me,
in the rhythm of her breath
a window opening
onto an endless sea.


Beloved, I only have eyes to see you through the window of my heart.


My heart burns for you
with the passion of petals
in a tight bud, unfurling,
with the desire of a seed
in the dark soil
feeling all around it
the heat of spring.


I am thinking of your voice
and the way it drifts at dawn,
a ray of warm sunlight
through the dewy cover of fog.

I am thinking of your breath
and the way it fills the sky,
starlight from distant galaxies
like dancing snowflakes falling down.


Looking through
the dictionary of the winds
for words to describe her,
I discovered the scent
of the jasmine flower
under the summer moon,
little fires of starlight
wandering the tilting sky
early before the dawn,
the words poets uttered
from a wounded heart,
the heated breaths
exchanged between
the merging lips lovers,
the ineffable presence of things
as they enter
the silence of God.

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