Wandering Thought # 89

A summary reading of the history of myths teaches us how religious even the most atheist of us remains; how the religious lives on in us, in our imagination, ideas, impulses, emotions, motives, narratives of life, etc., irrespectively of what our rational mind believes. We remain worshipers in a temple we no longer believe in its existence. We remain idolators of a power in which we ceased to believe, at the very thought of which we cannot hold our laughter, our cynicism — and what is cynicism if not the pain of a wound? We may know a lot more, we moderns, but we feel a lot less and less profoundly, and the world of our feeling, intuition, and imagination has shrunk in proportion to the horizons which our minds have widened. We know no reverence; we are deeply irreverent. The sacred has been expunged from our rational world, and that is a direct correlation with the way we are handling our planet and ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Wandering Thought # 89

  1. This post feels sadly, narrowly, negative and pessimistic. The reverence for what used to be sacred has disappeared as old superstitions are proved to be false. On the 50th anniversary of the first footprint on the moon, it should be clear that it has been replaced by the awe and reverence for the glories of the natural universe. 😎


      1. Since I am an avowed Atheist, the only point that I’ve proved, is that I can have awe and reverence for birds, and trees, and rainbows, and sunsets, without having to believe that ‘God’ put them there. 🙄


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