Free Verse # 440 (one day)

Her eyes were silent
like a book of poems
the moon read
to the earth at dawn


To lover her
is to see them
in her eyes
long before
they unfold
on paper;
the paintings
as they are birthed
in the fire of her heart.


One day I long
to tell you that I love you
in the simplest of ways,
not with words
but with silence,
in the shiver of wind between us,
as my eyes sink into yours
and our souls merge
finding in us a single ocean
to house our dance
with infinite grace.


With my hand on her hip
I love to feel it,
the power of life
as it surges from her belly;
in the silence, alone,
remembering her eyes
I love to feel it,
the ocean of love
rushing from my heart.


As the sun sets
I am sitting here
sipping tea and waiting
for your voice
to rain down on me
from the passing clouds


هي تصعد في دمي كدوار البحر
كملاك يسبح في الغمام
كشعلة محترقة في خشب
ينضح بالنبيذ

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