Free Verse # 441 (what is love?)

What is love?—the inwardness of a relation that, to the lovers, is greater than the earth and sky.


A kiss that is more
than a kiss;
a fusion of two bodies,
two souls,
two hearts,
two poetries…


Day and night
I journey to you,
an invisible thread
tying our hearts…


We are nameless, except in those moments when we are touched by love.


I am a poet; when I love a woman, I write to her; she lives in my soul, and becomes my poetry.


By your mere presence
you filled my life
with a beauty
I could not imagine,
with a light
I could not understand.


I sip my morning coffee
and listen to the autumn rain,
the quiet hush of her breath
wrapped around my neck
like a brown shawl,
and my fingers ache
to caress her hair,
to touch her face.


As I kiss her
all the wounds of the past
rise up to my mouth
and I feel them melting
between our lips

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