Haiku # 667 | Tanka # 199

On the occasion of the ending year.

The years passing by…
a chasm deepening
in the cave of my solitude


New Year’s Eve…
in the family album
the faces gone by


Last night of the year…
another leaf falls
into the fire of my longing


At year’s end
I measure the distance
between you and me…
a thousand years
of unquenched longing



In his eyes
you can see it,
a wound reaching
deep down
into an abysmal place
that opens
to an infinite sky.


I was invisible
until she saw me,
the woman I erected
with words and shadows,
the woman whose eyes
are a luminescent ink,
woman, my double,
with a sly smile caressing my ache
only to ignite my longing for her –
her – an imaginary being
blessed by a suffering she sweetly calls –