Free Verse # 442 (whose face ever eludes me)

It is enough to gaze at her to feel a river move in the region of the heart.


Love dares you, in the furthermost reaches of exile, fear, solitude, and pain, to keep your heart open to love.


To his presence
she opens her being
and offers herself
on the altar of his love


Elle existe en moi comme un obscur poème.


A dewdrop longs
to return to the sea –
ever since my birth
was it seeking you,
this love buried
inside of me.


All the tears
that she hid
behind her smile
she offered,
beads rolling
into the open palms
of his hands
that she kissed fervently,
ridding her heart
of the weight that crushed it
for a thousand years.


I was born with eyes only to see her whose face ever eludes me.


The sun was never
as radiant as when
his rays caressed
the moon of her skin


Le soleil n’était jamais
aussi lumineux que lorsque
ses rayons caressaient
la lune de sa peau

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