Haiku # 671

في ظلام هذا العالم يكفي
أن ألفظ اسمك


Another winter storm…
in the pot of honey
the frozen kiss of summer


The morning after…
on the glass of wine
the red stain of her lips


Slow and tender
she sips on the words
he offers to her famished lips


His touch kindles in her heart
a fire unknown
since time began


Winter twilight…
I’ll wait for you
on the bridge of stars


Winter dusk…
in the still air burns
the musk of her breath


This solitude…
I keep craving
what I cannot have


صقيع الصباح
بدون أذنٍ أطلّ وجهها
ليدفىء شتاء قلبي


Haleine du ciel…
un monde enseveli
de brume hivernale


مع كل نفس أرتشف
نار شفتيها

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