Haiku # 684

…أوراق الخريف
بلا أثر يذهب
كل شيء


Autumn begins…
my heart a yellow leaf
listening to the wind

L’automne commence…
mon cœur est une feuille jaune
à l’écoute du vent

الخريف يبدأ
قلبي ورقةٌ صفراء تنصت
الى الريح


ولّى نصفها
حياتي التي تغوص
في ضباب الخريف

Its half gone
my life that steeps
in autumn mist


Wandering Thought # 97

Whereas in the past greatness was identified with asceticism and virtue, an ability to resist and will, in our days the ideal has shifted towards a life of entertainment, consumption, and laisser-allez, one identified cynicism and vice. What was admired was the man who was able to raise himself above himself, to overcome and control himself, whereas now, a voice hums in his ear, telling him to suckle all he can from the bosom of this moment, for that is all he can ever hope to have.