Free Verse # 452 (the road to the world)

Sensibilisé par la poésie l’être aime profondément, avec passion et en totalité.


I do not write
I only feel my heart quiver
as I touch your face


In my mother’s hands
there’s always a seed
growing roots and leaves;
my mother’s hands are always green.


I woke up today
to find myself aging,
and you still
a voice echoing
in the distance,
somewhere far away.


Poetry is the heir of the mystical essence of religion.


The road to the world has always seemed to me to lead through a deep wood.


The poem gives me eyes to look at the world beyond my own death.


ضاعت بنا السبل
فانتهينا عاشقين
كلٌّ في بلد
 نكتبُ الشعرَ ليلاً
ونحنُ ننظرُ إلى النجوم
علّنا نجدُ فيها شيئاً
من بريقِ الأملِ


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