Free Verse # 455 (Naufragé du monde moderne)

Nudity is just another veil.


Naufragé du monde moderne, j’ai pris refuge sous le ciel de la poésie.


Longing – a word filled with endless distances.


رحلةُ الشِعرِ هذِهِ لعلّها لا شيءٌ آخر غير البحث عن لمسةِ امرأة.

This journey of poetry – perhaps it was nothing more than a search for a woman’s caress.


معطرٌ بأنفاسها
الدخان من فمها يصعد
ليملأ الغرفة
بحجابٍ رقيق
من الرغبة


In his heart
he feels her beauty
transformed into an ink
that he longs to write back
on the pages of her skin


une à une
elle empreinte ses baisers
en touchant les lèvres
au bout de ses poèmes


Early morning,
the sound of a rooster
crowing in the distance,
the wind stirring in the tall trees
as a bird softly sings,
your head resting on my belly
with my fingers running
through your black hair.
If happiness ever was
it is this moment.

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