Haiku # 713

My love for you…
an inevitability
written in the stars

حبي لكِ
شيءٌ حتميّ
مكتوبٌ في النجوم


Le bras du vieux moulin
à chaque tournée découpe
la lune de son ciel

ذراع الطاحون القديمة
مع كلِ دورةٍ تقطع
القمرَ منَ السماء

The old mill’s arm
at each turn cutting
the moon from its sky


peeking through my window
the morning sun


Winter night…
only the moon echoes
the stillness in my heart


Winter night…
of one silence
my heart and the moon

Wandering Thought # 130

We go to psychiatrists as people used to go to priests, believing they have access to the truth, and with it the power to heal and absolve.

The main weakness of psychiatry is that it believes that the sickness lies in the individual and not in society, thereby taking the well adjusted as its norm for health. But inasmuch as society is sick, the well adjusted is pathologic. What then is psychiatry? A hidden police; a seemingly objective force working on behalf of the given order of power.

When psychiatry locates the problem solely in the individual and proceeds to treat him accordingly then it acts as an agent of repression on behalf of the powers dominating society and culture.

Psychiatry as a marketing tool; the tool that helps people to adjust themselves with the least amount of friction to their roles in the economic machine, while blinding their eyes to their own uniqueness and individuality; psychiatry as one arm of the powers at be.

Wandering Thought # 129

With many it happens as with a dead star, all the lost loves and the unnoticed griefs crowd within their hearts until the weight becomes unbearable. Looking in the mirror, they wonder how it came to this, and no longer recognize themselves. To go on, they have to lock themselves away, turn away from who they are. Time passes, life moves on, from this abyss they no longer know how to pull themselves out from. The real struggle is not to lose what’s best in us.

Wandering Thought # 128

The world we are creating is one in which man will love his slavery and submit to it with passion.

في العالم الذي نخلقه سيحب الإنسان عبوديته ويخضع لها بفرح.

Sorcery is not opposed to science, it is the first step towards it.

الشعوذة ليست نقيض العلم، هي الخطوة الأولى نحوه.

Wandering Thought # 127

The veil, which is a manner of concealment, is also a manner of expression. That which is concealed expresses itself by insinuations, lighting in the onlooker the fire of discovery, of promise. Not only is clothing itself a manner of veiling, but even the naked body is itself a veil. It is the clothes by which the spirit veils itself. Nakedness, too, is a manner of veiling.

الحجاب، الذي به يُحجب النظر، هو أيضا طريقة للتعبير. الذي هو محجوب يعبر عن نفسه بتلميحات، مضيئاً في المشاهد شعلة الاستكشاف، ورغبة ملؤها الموعود. الثياب ليست هي فقط طريقة للحجب، بل إن الجسد العاري نفسه هو حجاب، هو “الثياب” التي بها تغلف الروح نفسها. العري، أيضا، هو وسيلة للحجب. ولذا، متى امزج جسدان، امتزجت روحهما أيضا، واضحيا، للحظة، روحين في جسد، جسدين يميطان اللثام عن وجهيهما لتقبل الروح نفسها وتنسكب، كالنور، كالشعر، كالصلاة.

Wandering Thought # 126

In this life we exchange one chain for another, and cannot live without chains. Freedom is to choose what binds us and compels our soul, what gives our life root and direction. Not all chains are the same. Some degrade us, and others lift us to the sublime.

‏في هذه الحياة نحن نستبدل قيد بآخر، فلا قدرة لنا على العيش بدون قيود. الحرية هي في اختيار ما يربط ويُخضع نفوسنا، ما يعطي لحياتنا جذوراً واتجاهاً. ليست كل القيود مثل بعضها. بعض القيود تحقرنا، وأخرى ترفعنا إلى الإله.