Haiku # 725

From their treetops
the crows already see
the coming year

Last day of the year…
amid the bare trees I walk
on my solitary way

My lonely path
into the new year wanders
between bare trees

This, my life,
I animate with my heart
and live as poetry…

New year
old resolutions
this life of poetry


One thought on “Haiku # 725

  1. I like how the crows are at the top of the poem like they are in the bare treetops of the poem. I like that there is more than one crow observing the solitary poet. I like how this poem “looks” bare and yet feels full… Even loneliness is filling, to a poet. Such a beautiful delicate use of words… with bold black crow pronounced shapes. I do personally watch crows for weather predictions. They are uncanny.


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